Drs. Chris & Carol Green

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Life Coach Certification

2001 N Front St. Bldg #2 Suite 323

Drs. Chris & Carol Green will be conducting this training that will equip the participants as life coaches, and award those who successfully complete the training with an Accredited Certification.

Sessions begin 2/7/19 and end 4/12/19. Registration ends 1/26/19


Session #1

ILLCP 90 – The Foundational Belief System

This course will teach the foundational beliefs and values of the Innovative Leadership Life Coaching model.

Session #2

ILLCP 91 – Basics of Life Coaching

This course provides Innovative Coaches with a review of foundational principles for coaching, setting a healthy coach/client relationship, and how to establish the proper coaching environment.

ILLCP 92 – Tracking Tools/Ice-Breaking Tools

This course is designed to help you, the Innovative Coach, learn how to “break the ice” and start building trust; how to track the progress of your client and stay organized.

Session #3

Personality Profiles, Thinking Styles and Overcoming Faulty Thinking

This course will help the Innovative Life Coach understand different personality and mind types, and how to best communicate when working with them. This course also explores how faulty thinking affects both the coach and the client.

Session #4

ILLCP 93 – Innovative Strategy Tools

This course will introduce the strategic tools that will assist the Innovative Coach in guiding clients on the path of discovery.

Session #5

ILLCP 94 – Successful Thinking Plan (Instilling Mental Assertiveness)

This course will teach Innovative Coaches how to address client’s mental attitudes, including cultural mentalities, and life-defeating systems of thought and conversation; showing the importance of moving with discernment to help your client form a plan to change their thinking patterns.

ILLCP 95 – Creating and Adjusting a Life Plan

This course will teach the Innovative Coach how to guide the client’s effort to create a life plan while providing techniques for adjusting the plan in order to have positive results; moving your client steadily from inspiration to manifestation of their plan. The Coach will also learn ways to stay motivated.

ILLCP 96 – Developing Your Model

The Innovative Coach will receive guidance and tips on how to create his/her own Coaching Field Manual and assess what is needed to move forward as a trained coach.

Session #6

ILLCP 97 – Oral Presentation and Field Manual

The six session training is being offered on either Thursday or Friday. Click the link to register your preference.