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Blair is latest PA county to offer the SCS Mentoring Initiative

11/6/19 – Like the building that now houses our satellite office in Blair county, many of our re entrants have been written off by systems, society, and many times family. It is fitting that we are now operating from the restored church facility on 11th St. in Altoona, PA.

The facility rehabilitated by The Nehemiah Project, serves as home base for our Mentoring initiative for re entrants on state parole. We¬† now have a team of men and women, some still “on paper,” who are eager to give the benefit of their successful re entry to others returning to society. These men and women, some already working in the social services field, have gone through the mentor training and certification process, and referrals in the area have already begun.

SCS became aware of the need for services in Blair county because of re entrants we came in contact with here in Dauphin county, who were going back to Blair. To our surprise there were no such services available. We were able to connect with Juan Cook who is now the mentoring coordinator of our satellite office in Altoona.

With the cooperation of State Parole, we believe the vision of SCS for Healthy People – Healthy Families – Healthy Communities will be a reality, through the efforts of the Blair County Mentoring Team!

Domestic Violence Group started in Adams County

10/15/19 – SCS has responded to request from State Parole in Adams County for Domestic Violence / Anger management groups for their population. The first groups began in October of this year and are being held at the HACC Gettysburg Campus.

Participants are referred by parole and attend group discussion as well as one on one sessions with the facilitator. There are 18 sessions to completion. The sessions cover various examples dealing with domestic violence, and the mindset that results in such violence.

An evidence based curriculum along with workbooks and videos help the facilitator to engage the group in meaningful and reflective discussion. The focus is on the use of power and control, contrasted with words and actions promoting equality and adaptability. Often, we have seen people who were initially resistant to the group, come back after completing and receiving their certificates.

Our intention, as always, is the promotion of healthy individuals, leading to healthy and safe family environments.