Mentoring Program

SCS plans to cover most of Central PA and the Philly Region with our Mentoring Program. If you are on Parole with the State of Pennsylvania, strongly consider getting some assistance with your re-entry through a Mentor.

SCS has developed a Mentoring Program that is being facilitated in SCI’s, CCC’s and Groups within the Community, per the DOC Directives.

SCS has a cadre of trained, motivated and experienced facilitators, ready, willing and able to facilitate the SCS Mentoring Groups.

SCS has partnered with “Breaking the Chainz” Organization in this effort. The curriculum being utilized is a result of this partnership.

Mentoring Program Flyer

The SCS Mentoring Program will:

  • Assist each reentrant with the process of becoming a positive and productive citizen
  • Help the reentrant to address issues that could hamper the reentry process
  • Provide incentives for the reentrant to stay the course and encourage the necessary and appropriate change to occur
  • Work with the Counselors and Parole Agents to be intermediaries where and when needed towards the betterment of the reentrant
  • Provide a stipend for the Facilitators and Mentors as an encouragement and incentive to go above and beyond for the reentrant
  • Encourage each reentrant to successfully complete the year-long SCS Mentoring Program
  • Each reentrant will make contact once a week with their Mentor, they will meet face-to-face at least twice a month and attend at least two groups a month
  • The curriculum utilized will allow for follow-up homework to be provided and checked
  • Each successful reentrant that completes the program will receive a Certificate of Completion
  • The Mentors and Facilitators are trained to assist the reentrant in navigating through the storms that arise from time to time
  • The combination of a structured, facilitated group and the one-on-one mentoring will be a dynamic combination, designed to produce excellent outcomes
  • Assist the reentrants by paying one month of supervision fees for every 8 sessions attended
  • Provide assistance with any of the barriers to reentry as identified by the assessment
Mentoring Program Brochure 1
Mentoring Program Brochure 2