Mentoring Initiative

For Re-entrants

 If you are on Parole with the State of Pennsylvania, strongly consider getting some assistance with  reentry through a Mentor.

Ask your parole agent for a referral to:

Sound Community Solutions 2001 N. Front St., Building 2 Suite 321 Harrisburg, PA 10102


Our Group Facilitators and individual mentors are

Experts by Experience.”

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For Parole Officers / Administrators

 SCS Mentoring will:

  • Assist each re entrant with the process of becoming a positive and productive citizen

  • Help the re entrant to address issues that could hamper the reentry process

  • Provide incentives for the re entrant to stay the course and encourage the necessary and appropriate change to occur

  • The curriculum utilized will allow for follow-up, direction, and accountability

  • Each successful re entrant that completes will receive a Certificate of Completion

  • The Mentors and Facilitators are trained to assist the re entrant in navigating through the storms that arise from time to time

  • The combination of a facilitated group and the one-on-one mentoring, is a dynamic combination, designed to produce excellent outcomes

  • Provide assistance with any of the barriers to reentry as identified by the assessment

Mentoring done right, is a “best practice” in reducing the recidivism rate!