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Welcome to the On Track space. Here OT’ers will find information, inspiration, and tools for the “one way journey” of a lifetime. 

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    Other Resources

    Reentry Services Map – Click on any county and find the services in that area.  CLICK HERE
    PBPP – PA Board Of Probation & Parole. Most questions about procedure for dealing with parole and probation are answered. CLICK HERE
    OVR – Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.  helps those with disabilities to find employment. They also pay for training and equipment. If you have been in drug treatment or received any mental health services, you qualify.  CLICK HERE

    Training For Success

    Watch the videos. Follow through. Work with your Mentor.

    Stay On Track!

    On Track Success Group

    On Track In 30 Days Part 2

    On Track In 30 Days

    On Track In 30 Days Final Words

    Mentor Videos

    SCS Mentors share personal stories, passion, and practical advice to help you,

    Stay On Track!

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