Proud Dads – Men’s Parenting Group

SCS utilizes the 24/7 Dad curriculum produced by the National Fatherhood Initiative. The focus is what has been identified as the five traits of the ideal father:
  1. Self Awareness
  2. Caring for Self
  3. Fathering Skills
  4. Parenting Skills
  5. Relationship Skills
This quote from the workbook says it all: “24/7 Dad is a unique and innovative fatherhood program developed by a team of nationally and internationally recognized fathering experts and practitioners.
The program focuses on the universal aspects of fatherhood so that men of all cultures, races, religions, and backgrounds can benefit from the program.
Completion earns a certificate.
For further information on these groups, please call Lisa: 717-961-9740

Mommy Matters – Women’s Parenting Group

The subject of motherhood and parenting fundamentals are discussed in depth in this group. Some of the issues explored are:
  1. Self Awareness
  2. Mom’s Unique Role
  3. Co-parenting
  4. Parenting Skills
Participants are given examples and strategies for raising children in our rapidly changing culture. Women of all backgrounds will be able to relate to the fundamental principles presented. A workbook is provided, and participants receive a Certificate of Completion.
For further information on these groups please call Lisa: 717-961-9740