R4W is a three phase employment readiness workshop designed to give an ex-offender the best chance possible at getting and keeping a good job leading to a sound career path.Well over 500 men and women have gone through the program.
The ones that follow-up and complete all three phases have an outstanding record of getting hired.

R4W covers all aspects of finding and keeping a good job leading to a career. Work ethic and life skills are expressly gone over and highlighted. Making sure the participant understands the importance of the 5 P’s and how to make a great impression is stressed throughout the process.

Anyone seeking employment will benefit from R4W but especially those unemployed or underemployed as well as those that have faced multiple risk factors and levels of dysfunction during their matriculation or reentry.

Phase I is in a group setting while Phases II & III are self-paced and self-motivated. This allows the instructor to spend time on those serious about getting meaningful employment and getting on with their lives and careers.

Phase I – An all day workshop from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Things that are covered in this workshop are designed to make the person more employable and gives the knowledge to appreciate the importance of being able to impress with the resume and at the interview as well as after the interview.

·Legal issues are discussed
·Resources are outlined designed to give the participant an edge and be beneficial to the employer
·The cover letter, resume, interview, questions to be asked are also discussed as well as the importance of the “First Impression” and much, much, more.
·The importance of networking is highlighted as well as how to impress
·Appropriate referrals are discussed as well as next steps in the process

Phase II – The Holland Code assessment results are discussed and resume is gone over, as well as the goals of the participant, this is done on a one-on-one basis making sure the resume is as good as it can be with zero errors! This takes about an hour.

Phase III – This phase is also done one-on-one with the instructor. This is where the mock interview is held. The participant has the opportunity to answer the “tough” questions and gets comfortable with the appropriate responses. The participant also practices asking the relevant questions that should be asked, again with the goal of impressing in mind. All verbal’s and non-verbal’s are discussed in this phase. (Job Searching begins!)