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SCS now has Day Reporting services for parolees. We have endeavored to create a One Stop Shop to house all of the needed services under one roof. Because of the many services we already provide for the county and state, we are able to accommodate those who have various areas of need. Whether workforce development, D&A outpatient services, Domestic Violence, Anger management, etc. clients can have a streamlined process for compliance issues and needed resources. Parole officers also have a comfortable space to visit with clients and assess their progress. From intake, to evaluation, to implementation and reporting, we have it covered from start to finish. This is the latest in our effort to make a difference for those who are returning to society from incarceration.


Our Drug and Alcohol Outpatient services are staffed by experienced, credentialed counselors. One on one as well as group interaction is provided with an evidence based curriculum. We conduct these sessions in person and online to give the clients options. This cuts down on roadblocks that can be caused by health concerns or schedule and transportation issues.

Lisa & Cheyenne


For us at SCS: I would like to say about Cheyenne that she has put in the work. Her strongest asset is her grit. She doesn’t take no as an answer when she wants something and she has determination. She is a survivor of so many things. During this past year or so, she has learned to deal with her anger in a healthy way. She has given birth to her first born child, while walking off a SIP (state intermediate punishment) sentence. Cheyenne also made the huge accomplishment of getting her driver’s license. She is all about doing the right thing today, and not the easy thing, which is the largest of her accomplishments. WAY TO GO CHEYENNE!!! We love you and are so proud of you!!!

                                                     FROM Cheyenne H:
I want to take this time to let everyone know that SCS (Sound Community Solutions) has had a big impact on my life today. I started with them in 2016 looking for guidance. Someone to understand me, that has had the same experience as I have lived, within my addiction. I came across this program that mentors ex-offenders and help them change their lives. At first I struggled and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to change, and I still have trust issues. I let my wall down with them and I can honestly say the people there are amazing! They truly care about you and love you. I left in 2016 and I went back to jail. While I was incarcerated, they still kept in contact with me and helped me through my prison time. I came back to Harrisburg in 2018 and got a new mentor named Lisa, and when I say she is amazing, she goes above and beyond to help! She truly cares about her mentees and will do anything to see us succeed as well as the other mentors at SCS. I’m so grateful today to have this program in my life. They guide you to succeed. They understand fully what it is to fight addiction not only are they mentors they are family. Whenever I speak to someone who I think needs guidance and to feel loved I send them to SCS because in my eyes they are the best! They help you fight your addiction! They speak the truth! They have different programs to help you with the court system. I had a lot of anger built inside of me through past abuse. SCS put me in their anger management classes and let me get all my anger out and just listened to me, and taught me ways to control my anger and how to defeat my inner demons. They will fight for you if you’re willing to turn your life around and because of them today I am successful! I fought my demons and I had set backs. I left and came back and yet they are still here today in my life and I couldn’t thank them enough. Cheyenne H. (Mentee)

Individual & Family Services

Families today are being torn apart by various pressures, life controlling problems and circumstantial and societal issues. More and more people are responding to these negatives in ways that are inappropriate and harmful to themselves and others.

For years, SCS has conducted groups and individual sessions addressing domestic violence, anger management and addiction. Many participants are sent through the courts or from Child Protective Services, and Parole. In an effort to further serve the community, SCS is expanding our vision for “healthy families / healthy communities” to the counties where we have offices for mentoring, through our contract with state parole.

SCS provides one on one mentoring services in 10 PA counties, from Philadelphia to Blair. Citizens returning to society from prison can request a referral to SCS to be mentored by a successful ex – offender. The goal is to reduce the number of people returning to prison. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve this segment of the population, for the good of the entire community and the families involved.


Besides mentoring, many of these areas are under served in needed programs and initiatives that are readily available in larger cities. With the creation of our Individual & Family Services Department, we will be able to provide these other services in each of those counties, with the addition of a parenting class for those complying with a court order or just wanting the class for themselves.

All of our groups are evidence based and our instructors and facilitators are trained locally to service their own population. We are very pleased and excited to announce this expansion, and look forward to the challenge ahead. It’s well worth the effort!


Domestic Violence Group started in Adams County

SCS has responded to requests from State Parole in Adams County for Domestic Violence / Anger management groups for their population. The first groups began in October of 2019 and are being held at the HACC Gettysburg Campus.

Participants are referred by parole and attend group discussion as well as one on one sessions with the facilitator. There are 18 sessions to completion. The sessions cover various examples dealing with domestic violence, and the mindset that results in such violence.

An evidence based curriculum along with workbooks and videos help the facilitator to engage the group in meaningful and reflective discussion. The focus is on the use of power and control, contrasted with words and actions promoting equality and adaptability. Often, we have seen people who were initially resistant to the group, come back after completing and receiving their certificates.

We are also looking to introduce the parenting and D&A groups in the area. Our intention, as always, is the promotion of healthy individuals, leading to healthy and safe family environments.