John Thompson / Presenter
John has worked in the helping professions in both secular and faith based organizations for 35 years. As an intervention and prevention specialist, John has directed community outreach for both adults and youth in various life controlling situations. He has also been director for prison outreach in the Philadelphia area and trained public school teachers, social workers, law enforcement, and pastors throughout the tri-state area.

Friday March 22nd, 9 am to 3 pm 

2001 N. Front St. Harrisburg, PA

The Truth About Change

                                    We talk about dealing with changes.  Going through changes.   Making changes.  People have seminars and write books on how to change this or that.  The problem is, very little is ever said in the midst of all of this information about the one thing that is causing all of these changes; “Change.”  This training will equip participants with a simple yet profound framework for seeing, preparing for, and managing change. Beneficial for both you and your clients.

What you will learn:

  1. The Dynamics of Change

  2. The Three Components of Change

  3. How To View Change

  4. The Six Crucial Aspects of Change

  5. The Context of Change

Participants will be informed and inspired while learning these five keys to understanding change.  Powerful insights are shared in a unique and engaging format that invites everyone to participate and contribute to the learning process.  You will be equipped to share these insights with others among your family, friends, or client base.

The training takes the class step by step in a systematic approach to understanding the process of change. This method allows everyone to think in an orderly fashion when seeking to motivate a person or when constructing a plan for their movement into a better life.You don’t want to miss it!!!