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A 501 (c) 3 IRS Designated Non-profit


SCS, Inc. is a Non-Profit Agency dedicated to the betterment of all people by assisting where and how we can with the latest research and methodologies available.

We are dedicated to assisting those in the “helping” professions do what they do more effectively. We were created to bring the research to the field in an interactive and easy-to-understand format that the practitioner can  immediately put it to use.

SCS is committed to promoting excellence in the non-profit arena. We aim to change the negative stereotypes of the non-profit world. Our agency will develop and facilitate a curriculum designed specifically for your unique situation.

One of our goals is to significantly address the plight of poverty and the lack of inclusion wherever it exists!


Vladimir Beaufils – President
Joanna Beaufils

Shakyra Thomas – Associate
Jacobo “Jake” Rodriguez – Associate
Nymia Colon – Associate
Larry Washington – Associate
John Thompson – Associate


Edith Cook, MH
Keith Sturnes
Derrick James
Dr. Kevin Dolphin
Lamont Jones
Randy Briggs
Rich Brown Brown
Butch Coleman
Evelyn Cruz
Karen Thomas
Lori McNeil
Lori O’Prey

Advisory Board

+ Vladimir Beaufils, President/Chair
+ Joanna Beaufils, Treasurer
+ Dr. Margaret A. Moore
+ Kelvin Pittman, CFP
+ Rev. Ronald Tilley, MS

+ Janet Jones, MHS
+ John Sponeybarger
+ Gedeon M. Mudacumura, Ph.D.

Consultants & Volunteers

+ Tawanda Brown, MSW (Consultant)
+ Johany Roman, Webmaster (Consultant)
+ Marsha Banks, MA – Owner of AMiracle4Sure/Trainer/Motivational Speaker (Consultant)
+ Rev. Jonathan Queen,Owner, President New Mindz, Inc., Motivational Speaker, Trainer, (Consultant)
+ Amma Johnson, Owner Johnson Marketing Group (Consultant)
+ Rev. Ron Tilley, PhD Candidate, (Consultant)
+ Carita Ellis, SCS Writer
+ Ms. Selma West, (Consultant)

+ Rev. Larry Coleman, Retired Chaplain, Mentor (Consultant)
+ Edith Cook, Intern (Volunteer)
+ Retired Detective Tim Carter, Batterers Intervention, Consultant/Motivational Speaker
+Rev. James Lyles, Consultant (Youth Programs)
+ Celeste Henderson, Consultant
+ Rev. Reginald Hunter (Consultant)
+ Denise Moss (Intern)