im_1“I wish to give praise to my creator for all His many blessings in regards to Sound Community Solutions (SCS). This organization has been a God send in giving me the opportunity to rise up out of the ashes of adversity and set-backs. It has provided me with various mental tools, spiritual influence and meaningful employment. The expertise and positive constructive guidance of the SCS staff continues to be a place of renewing and meaningful direction, as I strive to reinvent who I am and establish a future. A change has come! I am counting it all joy, (James 1:2-4) Thank you Mr. Vladimir and SCS staff. Love you all.”

 – Vernon Ealy

“Vladimir, I was always told , when you get to the big dance don’t forget who brought you. I have accepted a position with Alcoa as an Electrical Maint. Supervisor w/ a salary approaching 6 figures. In no small part do to the skills I learned from you. I Just want to say thank you Vladimir !!!”

Rick Luckabaugh


“Mr. Beaufils,

Thank you very much for your instruction with the resume building program. Because of your guidance and advise, I have now been successfully managing a small business in the Capital City Mall for a year.
Because you and your program have had such a positive influence on my life, I encourage others, when they are seeking employment, to take your program.
Thank you for your involvement with the community and this great program.”

Matthew Christman