Facilitating Healthy Behavior

  • Participants will become familiar with several key research-based methodologies for gaining attention, respect and influence in the lives of at-risk youth and their caregivers. Those completing this workshop will be able to successfully bond and build appropriate relationships with clients.(Recommended for Educators, Parents, Caregivers, Criminal Justice and Human Services Professionals) 4 & 6 hour workshops

Opening The Door of Opportunity

  • Participants will be better able to predict situations and issues that typically arise and how to minimize the adverse affects. Planning and appreciating consequences are understood in the context of real-life situations.
    (Recommended for Older students, Persons in the Criminal Justice System and Persons experiencing a new way of learning) 4 hour workshop

Cracking The Class/Cultural Code

  • Participants will learn an appreciation for knowing the “hidden rules” of class and become better able to positively engage those in a different socio-economic class. This workshop helps the participant to appreciate the real reasons behind generational and situational poverty, social norms, and driving forces as well as how to change paradigms.
    (Recommended for anyone in the Middle Class attempting to provide services to those in another class,understanding the dynamics of poverty)    3 & 6 hour workshops

The “Truth” About Change

  • Participants become acutely aware of the http://orderassignmenthelp.com/ dynamics of change and learn to embrace the reality of those dynamics. This workshop delves into the hidden fears we all have about coming out of the “land of familiar” and “pressing” past ones comfort zone. How college students can buy research papers? Click here – http://essaykitchen.com/buy-college-research-papers, check it out and share help write my essay assignment with your friends.
    (Recommended for anyone dealing with or needing to make changes in their lives)    3 hour workshop

Getting Real About Abstinence

  • Participants come face-to-face with the realities of “Safe Sex” in this workshop that pulls no punches and “keeps it real!” All aspects of abstinence are covered to help the participant make better choices. Consequences for choices are identified and the realities are explored.(Has some graphic material)
    (Recommended for Older Teens and Young Adults)    3 or 6 hour workshop

Mentoring – The Need, The Importance, The Impact

  • This workshop is designed to reinforce the importance of positive and appropriate bonding in relationship building.Research-based methodologies are explored to help the participants appreciate their effectiveness and the importance of proper mentoring in the life of the mentee.
    (Recommended for anyone mentoring or considering being a Mentor)     3 & 6 hour workshops

Show Me the Money – A Grant Writing Workshop

  • Participants leave with a better understanding for how to write and submit an effective proposal that will get the funders attention. Federal and Foundation grants are the focus of this comprehensive workshop that touches on all aspects of identifying funders and submitting that winning proposal.(Recommended for anyone seriously considering writing grants)     6 hour workshop + (Day 2 Teams)

Don’t Bet Your Life On It - Gambling Addiction,
The Three Phases of this Addiction

  • Participants will receive a clear understanding of the types of addictions, the triggers that lead to this compulsive behavior and proven ways for presenting treatment options. Participants will be armed with a thorough knowledge of the nuances that make this disease treatable and beatable. (Recommended for anyone in the field or looking to get in the field as well as those with the disease)   4 or 6 hour interactive workshops


  • Participants will get an up to date analysis of the dynamics of these viruses and diseases that so plague society at all levels. The most relevant and important information is shared to assist the practitioner as well as lay person to make better more educated decisions about sexual and other behavior. (Recommended for service providers and practitioners as well as clients)     6 hour workshop

"Ready 4 Work" - Getting and Keeping That Good Job -
Employment Training (Evidence Based)

  • Participants learn how to identify employers through the most effective job search. We teach how to create a “Perfect” Resume. Understanding and perfecting the complexities of the interview and knowing how to impress throughout the process of finding employment as well as the importance of preparation and much more.
    (Especially recommended for those with prior felonies and/or misdemeanors)   6 hour interactive workshop

Anger Management Training -

  • The participant will understand how to identify, understand and manage anger.The workshop walks the participant through all phases of anger and how to deal with it when it gets out-of-control. (Workshop is ideal for those with anger issues and providers working in this arena)  6 hour interactive workshop