SCS One Stop Shop Day Reporting Service

Sound Community Solutions has established a reputation in Pa. for our State Parole Mentoring Initiative. We have provided services for hundreds of men and women returning from incarceration in 8 counties throughout the state. Many of our mentees have gone on to be trained as mentors themselves, as successful ex-offenders teaching other ex-offenders to be successful.

We also provide evidence based training for domestic violence, anger management, parenting, substance abuse and workforce development, in group as well as one on one sessions.  This allows us to provide the maximum amount of assistance for each person with a minimum amount of complexity and movement.

One of the strengths that SCS brings to the reentry initiative is our ability to work closely with law enforcement. We regularly work with parole and probation officers, as well as with the courts, prison administrations, and state regulators, to provide a seamless process for supervision and accountability.

We are people who live and work in the communities we serve. We are also successful ex-offenders who are trained to facilitate an effective program for reentry, based on our knowledge of the system, the community, and the re-entrant. We are qualified, equipped and confident in the SCS day reporting program to meet the needs of all concerned for the good of all concerned.